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How networking can bolster diversity in physics

Physics World, December 2023

ChatGPT one year on: Who is using it, how and why?

Nature, November 2023

Towards a standardized dialogue: Psilocybin-containing mushroom dosing conversation

in collaboration with Ian Bollinger of Critical Consulting, October 2023

Applications of quantum mechanics at the beach

Symmetry Magazine, August 2023

A cosmological headache

Symmetry Magazine, June 2023

Baffled by the big questions in science? String theorist Michael Dine thinks he has the answers

Physics World, January 2023

How better science communication can benefit everyone

Physics World, September 2022

The benefits of making a more accessible discipline

Physics World, May 2022

Earthsong: Science-inspired poetry against climate change at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

Poets for the Planet, October 2021