Previous Projects

I have a long track record of making complex scientific ideas accessible, both between disciplines within academia and to the public. My expertise in communicating science directly encompasses both speeches, delivered both in person and virtually, writing for blogs and magazines. 

If you wish have a look at some of the projects I have completed, I have provided links to those published, including to any interviews I have given.

Keynote Speeches and Talks

I have delivered many talks internationally both in person and virtually on the themes of fundamental physics, science communication, and diversity and inclusion within STEM fields.  I enjoy overcoming the challenges of making complex scientific ideas accessible and assisting fellow researchers to do the same.  

A curated selection of talks I have given is provided below:

Trust Me, I'm an AI!

 Confessions of a Science Communicator

Inclusive Psychedelic Research Practices 

Perspectives of Working in STEM with a Physical Disability

Making Science Engaging to People with Learning and Physical Disabilities

From Missing Particles to Missing Physicists

Science over the Rainbow and Do My Wheels Look Big in This?

The Missing 96% of the Universe

From Chemistry Labs to Chocolate Shops

A full list of my talks delivered, with links to any recordings, can be found here.

Articles and Blog Posts

I am a freelance science journalist. I have written for multiple physics publications and am currently branching out into the field of Artificial Intelligence and science communication of psychedelic medicine. I mainly cover stories in particle and astrophysics, topics relating to diversity and inclusion in STEM, and effective communication of science.  

A curated selection of articles I have written is provided below:

Symmetry Magazine

Nature Comment

Physics World

published in-collaboration:

Critical Consulting blog

A full list with links to my articles can be found here.

Interviews and Podcasts

I have been interviewed by publications ranging from Nature and the BBC World Service to specialised podcasts and YouTube channels. I am happy to be interviewed on many topics in most mediums e.g. video, radio, print. For example: 

Previous interviews have included:

‘Without these tools, I’d be lost’: how generative AI aids in accessibility

How OpenAI’s text-to-video tool Sora could change science – and society

Inclusive Psychedelic Research Practices

Is disability tech delivering?

Approaching Disability like a Scientist

Claire Malone on ITV News for the ACE Center

A full list of my previous interviews with links can be found here.