Dr Jessica Gagnon, University of Manchester, 2022

"I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr Malone speak on a number of occasions, as a presenter, interviewee, and keynote speaker for different events (some in person, some virtual, some pre-recorded). She keeps her audience engaged by weaving together her scientific research, her advocacy for inclusion in STEM, and her sense of humour. Dr Malone is able to showcase her scientific expertise in a way that even non-expert audiences can understand whilst connecting her lived experiences to highlight the importance of the work we need to do to make STEM truly inclusive – and she still manages to sprinkle in jokes throughout. It is a powerful combination that makes her an excellent science communicator."

Dr Izhar Ul-Haq, Sector Engagement Manager, STFC, 2022

"I originally saw Claire at a TEDx talk and was immediately impressed by her passion for science and her ability as a communicator. Consequently I invited her to present at an International Women in Science conference where she spoke about her specialism of nuclear physics and conveyed it in a manner that was readily accessible to all. Claire has not let her physical limitations impede her determination to excel in her research which is a testament to her drive and enthusiasm for her subject. As an inclusivity advocate I can think of no one better to push forward the case for equality and diversity. Her vitality and passion for both science and inclusivity make her an ideal role model."

Peter Welch and Michael Mainelli, Programme Managers, The FS Club, 2021

"The FS Club were delighted to host Claire for a webinar in December 2021, where she took the audience on a journey of her studies and work at CERN. Her presentation was pitched at just the right level for our non-physics audience, explaining her work with enough detail and additional background to get her points across. Claire was an excellent speaker by any measure, and it was uplifting to hear how she overcame her unique challenges along the way to finally arrive at CERN, working at the cutting edge of high energy physics. She is a role model for all in the STEM community, showing that with the right mind set and determination we really can achieve the stars."

Maryam Pasha, Director and Curator of TEDxLondon and TEDxLondonWomen, 2021

Working with Claire on her talk for TEDxLondonWomen 2020 talk was an amazing experience! Her enthusiasm for science is infectious, and she is equally passionate about ensuring science can be understood by people from all backgrounds - that no-one is excluded from learning more about the world around us. The outcome of her intelligent and inclusive approach to science communication was an amazing talk, which garnered in excess of 1.8 Million views in its first year alone and was promoted to TED.com. This is an incredible achievement and testament to Claire’s ability to explain complex concepts in an accessible way, injected with a splash of humour and fun!

Professor Tina Potter, University of Cambridge, 2014-2022

"Throughout her studies at Cambridge, Claire curated a wide and impressive range of public talks. These not only demonstrated her dedication to outreach and excellence in communication of her science, but also her commitment to equality and inclusion in STEM."